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Referral Partner FAQ

Earn $1,000 for EVERY home that is referred to closing!

How Much Can Referral Partners Make?

The amount a referral partner can make is unlimited! 

  • Referral Partner Bonus as of 3.1.19 (subject to change) 

    • $1,000 per new resident (manufactured home sale, rental, or, manufactured home moved into our community)

It's really that simple! You refer us prospective new residents, and if they move into our community, you get paid!* 

*Referral payments are made within 15 days upon satisfaction of all move-in requirements including payment in full of the deposit/down-payment, first months rent and physical move-in. 


How Do I Become a Referral Partner

There is an easy two-step process to becoming a Referral Partner!

  1. Submit a resume

  2. Submit an online application

    • Click on the "Apply To Be A Referral Partner" button below 

      • This allows us to run a background check, and,

      • And for you to get a firsthand experience of our new resident application process

      • $40 application fee will be refunded for approved partners 


If approved, we will then provide you with the password to the Referral Partner Website where you find tons of helpful resources, including:

  • Community Information Flyer

  • Home Information Flyer

  • Financing Flyer 

  • Detailed How-To and Best Practices for Successful Referrals


At a high-level, we find the most successful referral partners have the following:

  • Have a personal car, smart phone and internet access

  • Comfortable with computers (utilize email, and be able to print / scan documents)

  • Comfortable with social media (facebook) and other advertising mediums 

Compensation Details:

  • This is a 1099 role (independent contractor), no direct employment and 100% bonus with zero minimum or maximum production required. Work and earn as much as you want!

What is The Process for Referring?

​Below is the process we use to find prospective residents and get them into the home of their dreams!

When you become a referral partner, you will be able to log-into the “referral partner portal” to see the detailed, easy step-by-step processes and best practices.

  1. Source prospective residents

  2. Set an appointment to tour the community and homes

  3. Tour the prospective resident

  4. Refer the prospective resident to the sales team

  5. Earn your referral fee!

What is a Referral Partner?

A Referral Partner is an independent marketing partner that assists our friendly sales team in finding new residents for our community.*


If you know of, or can find a bunch of people looking for great housing, this is the job for you!  

How it works:

  • Referral Partners use their personal network of friends and family, along with simple advertising tools such as facebook, to find people looking for housing.

  • Once you find someone who wants to apply to live in our community, you refer them to us to do the rest!

  • If your referral moves in, you get paid! 


*​Referral partners are not licensed sales agents and may not engage in selling on behalf of the Mobile Home Retailer. Referral Partners may not negotiate home prices, discuss the details of financing arrangements (if any) or engage in any other actual or implied act of selling. 

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