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Apply for Financing

with 21st Mortgage

To apply for a loan with 21st Mortgage, please follow the below instructions. We look forward to helping you find your dream home! 

*21st Mortgage is a 3rd party provider and is not affiliated with Lone Star Mobile Home park or it's affiliates*

Step 1: Initial Application

Please Download and fill out the "21st Mortgage Application"

  • All information must be filled in before submitting the application

    • Double check your telephone and email address

  • Upon accurately completing the application, please email the signed copies to or hand deliver in person to the Managers office located at space 7.

  • We will then submit the application to 21st mortgage for pre-approval

21st Mortgage


Step 2: Verification

Upon being pre-approved for your loan, a representative from 21st mortgage will work with you to verify the information provided in your applications.

  • See "21st Mortgage Conditions" for more information on the  verification process

    • The "Verification of Employment" letter will need to be signed and sent to 21st Mortgage.


21st Mortgage Conditions

Verification of Employment

Step 3: Retailer Documents and Agreements

Once all necessary documentation has been provided and verified, Choice Manufactured Homes - LS, LLC will complete the dealer documents to verify the details of the home for your loan.

  • Purchase Agreement: The Purchase Agreement will have the final details for your home. You will need to sign this agreement and email the signed copies to or hand deliver in person to the Managers office located at Space 7.

Step 4: Approval and Closing Documents

Once all necessary documentation has been provided and verified by both parties, the final approval and closing documents will be created.

  • Closing Documents: Upon the closing documents being requested, a "valuations" of the home will be sent to the applicant. Once this is received, there is a 3 to 7 day waiting period before closing. (It is recommended to view this attachment in your email for the quickest closing.)
  • Closing Date: A closing meeting will be set with the property manager to go over and sign the documents. This meeting will be held at a bank to have the necessary documents notarized. Originals will be sent to 21st Mortgage

    • Upon signing the documents, you will need to send the down payment to 21st Mortgage

    • Once the final approval has been given(2-5 business days), the keys will be handed over and the applicant will be allowed to move-in

21st app
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